Egmont Youth Development

Meet Andrea Egmont, principal consultant for EYD.

Andrea, better known as “Andi”, is a passionate presenter who has worked in youth development programming and direct service since 1996. She has been providing training for communities, schools, parents, youth workers and recreation staff throughout Massachusetts since 1999. Her background is in 4 areas, all with a focus on children and adolescents;  human development, positive youth development leadership, recreation and prevention work. She combines her years of experiences with a BS in Human Development from Lesley University and a MS in Youth Development Leadership from Clemson University.

Andrea was has worked since 2005 as the Director of Newburyport Youth  Services. She has grown the department into an innovative, effective, well recognized and appreciated service for families and youth in and around Newburyport. She is currently working with communities to incorporate the principles of positive youth development into parenting, schools and city wide initiatives.

EYD has a team of associates who specialize in different areas and often are brought in to share their expertise.  From social justice to early childcare, youth group facilitation and data analysis, EYD brings the best.